Leverage Advanced Satellite Data and Machine Learning to Deliver Precise Climate Risk Assessments

Orbify offers a comprehensive tool to help you navigate environmental risks and build resilience. Climate Risk - Orb uses advanced satellite data, empowering organizations to proactively plan and respond to environmental threats with accuracy and efficiency.

Key Features Empowering
Effective Climate Risk Assessment

Orbify's Climate Risk - Orb offers detailed analyses of historical data, current trends, and future projections to identify potential vulnerabilities and conduct thorough risk assessments. Our platform provides comprehensive land cover and soil profile analysis, alongside advanced flood, drought, and fire risk assessments. With continuous near-real-time monitoring and analysis, businesses can prioritize mitigation measures and develop adaptive strategies to manage and mitigate environmental impacts effectively.

Land Cover Type Analysis

Orbify analyzes different land cover types, such as forests, urban areas, wetlands, and agricultural fields, to understand their effects on local and regional climates. For instance, forests can moderate temperatures and increase humidity through evapotranspiration, while urban areas create heat islands with higher temperatures.

Soil Profile Analysis with Orbify

Understanding soil profiles is vital for assessing fire and flood risks. Orbify analyzes soil characteristics like texture, erosion, and moisture to predict vegetation flammability, fire spread, and water infiltration. This helps manage fire behavior, surface run-off, and flood risks. By monitoring soil moisture, erosion, and infiltration rates, Orbify supports targeted mitigation strategies, enhancing ecosystem resilience and effective risk management.

Fire Risk Assessment with Orbify

Orbify's fire risk assessment combines the Fire Weather Index (FWI), which evaluates wildfire risk based on weather conditions, with historical forest fire loss data to identify regions prone to recurrent fires. By analyzing extreme heat events over the past 15 years, Orbify pinpoints areas susceptible to high temperatures and increased fire risk. This comprehensive approach helps predict and manage fire danger, ensuring effective fire prevention and response strategies.

Flood Risk Assessment with Orbify

Orbify offers comprehensive flood risk assessment by analyzing precipitation data to evaluate rainfall intensity, calculating the Topographic Wetness Index (TWI) to identify areas prone to water accumulation, and examining historical flood events for recurrent patterns. Our platform also assesses hydrological soil profiles to understand water movement and evaluates proximity to rivers and floodplains to determine flood susceptibility.

Drought Risk Assessment

Orbify provides a thorough drought risk assessment by using the Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) to gauge vegetation health, comparing current NDVI values to historical norms for drought identification. Our platform incorporates precipitation and temperature data to accurately assess drought severity by juxtaposing current conditions with historical trends. We also evaluate the proximity to populated cities, as regions closer to urban areas are at higher risk due to potential strain on water resources. Additionally, Orbify examines proximity to major roads and rivers, identifying areas farther from water sources that may face elevated risk levels during droughts.

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They embraced

Anete Garoza
Anete Garoza
Co-Founder and Chief Climate Officer

« Our collaboration with Orbify has opened doors to greater efficiency and impact in our fight against climate change at 1MTN. Not only has Orbify's platform streamlined our operations, but it has also empowered us to make well-informed decisions. »

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John Rogers
John Rogers
Founder and CEO

« Orbify’s platform has been so easy to work with, producing scalable and objective data which is of high scientific quality. On top of that their team has been super responsive and super flexible in making sure the product is matching our specific needs. »

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Giulia Burchi
Giulia Burchi
Impact and Project Manager

« Orbify’s platform is the perfect bridge between satellite data analysis & presentation because it serves it up in an easy and engaging way that could be understood by stakeholders with various backgrounds. So I would highly recommend it to both carbon project developers and companies that are trying to invest into those projects. »

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