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Carbon Project Orb is a comprehensive tool for screening, developing, and monitoring carbon offset projects. It allows carbon buyers and developers to streamline project screening and pre-issuance assessment, conduct complete nature and ecosystem due diligence, and simplify monitoring and reporting.

What can you do on Orbify?

At Orbify, we equip carbon developers with essential tools to develop and manage impactful carbon offset projects. Our platform provides reliable satellite data for monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV), delivering transparent environmental insights that prove your project's sustainable value. With Orbify, your carbon offset projects gain proven credibility!

Key Features Empowering Your
Carbon Project Offset Management

Explore Orbify’s platform for effective carbon offset project management. Our geospatial data platform provides reliable environmental insights, helping you assess feasibility, identify risks, and ensure co-benefits of your carbon projects. Streamline the screening and monitoring process, and make informed investment decisions with Orbify.

Baseline Analysis

With Orbify and our accurate satellite data you can establish a comprehensive baseline that allows stakeholders to measure subsequent changes in carbon stocks and other ecological metrics, verifying the carbon project's offset impact. This process involves detailed assessments of factors such as canopy height, biomass, deforestation rates, and soil organic carbon.

Leakage Area Analysis

With our platfrom, you can examine these peripheral areas and assess whether there are negative spillovers or if additional environmental support measures are needed. This step ensures that the carbon project's influence extends positively beyond its immediate boundaries, safeguarding surrounding ecosystems and communities.

Biodiversity Monitoring

Orbify offers advanced biodiversity monitoring specifically tailored for carbon offset projects. Our platform provides detailed assessments of species diversity, habitat health, and ecological interactions, ensuring that your carbon offset initiatives support and enhance biodiversity. With Orbify, you can effectively track and document the ecological benefits of your projects, promoting sustainability and conservation.

Additionality Analysis

With Orbify's carbon offset solution, you can accurately measure additionality by leveraging advanced satellite data. Our platform evaluates whether the carbon reductions claimed by a project go beyond what would have happened in the absence of the carbon offset project. This helps in validating the project's legitimacy and ensuring that your investments lead to genuine environmental benefits.

Permanence Analysis

Orbify's platform provides robust tools to monitor and analyze the long-term stability of carbon projects. By using satellite imagery and continuous data monitoring, we help you assess and manage the permanence of your projects. This ensures that the carbon sequestration achieved is not only significant but also enduring, providing lasting contributions to climate mitigation efforts.

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They embraced

Anete Garoza
Anete Garoza
Co-Founder and Chief Climate Officer

« Our collaboration with Orbify has opened doors to greater efficiency and impact in our fight against climate change at 1MTN. Not only has Orbify's platform streamlined our operations, but it has also empowered us to make well-informed decisions. »

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John Rogers
John Rogers
Founder and CEO

« Orbify’s platform has been so easy to work with, producing scalable and objective data which is of high scientific quality. On top of that their team has been super responsive and super flexible in making sure the product is matching our specific needs. »

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Giulia Burchi
Giulia Burchi
Impact and Project Manager

« Orbify’s platform is the perfect bridge between satellite data analysis & presentation because it serves it up in an easy and engaging way that could be understood by stakeholders with various backgrounds. So I would highly recommend it to both carbon project developers and companies that are trying to invest into those projects. »

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