About Us:
We are Orbify, a team of researchive trailblazers of satellization!

Orbify is powered by a diverse, international collective of dedicated professionals, including Earth observation engineers, scientists, and business experts, all united by a commitment to revolutionizing environmental data solutions. Our team members come from many countries and different backgrounds, working remotely to bring their unique perspectives and expertise. With excellence in science, technology, and business, we stay at the forefront of the environmental sector.

Our mission

We are committed to making Earth Observation (EO) data accessible for people everywhere. By building a remote-first, international team that shares a common vision and values, we have developed a suite of satellite data-powered tools aimed at nature conservation, anti-deforestation compliance, and climate risk assessment.

Data from Space, Decisions for Earth

Our Culture and Values

Making EO data accessible to benefit everyone on Earth is no easy task. Building a remote-first international team presents its own challenges, but it brings significant advantages when the team shares common values and vision. This foundation is crucial for us.


We prioritize Partnership, believing in the power of collaboration and working closely as a team. This collective effort ensures that our platform benefits from diverse expertise and shared commitment, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the tools we provide.


Our Curiosity drives us to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving environmental market. We constantly explore new technologies, methodologies, and ideas to improve our platform and deliver innovative solutions that meet the highest standards of environmental integrity.


Ownership is a core value that motivates us to take charge and be deeply invested in the success of our clients' projects. This sense of responsibility drives us to meticulously manage every aspect of our platform, from development to support, ensuring we deliver on our promises and achieve measurable results.


Finally, we are committed to making a significant Impact. We care about the big picture and strive to create positive changes through our platform. Our focus on environmental and social co-benefits ensures our efforts contribute to a sustainable future for both the planet and local communities.

They embraced

Dominic von Trotha Taylor
Dominic von Trotha Taylor
CEO and Chairman

« Our strategic alliance with Orbify allows Interu users to benefit from the additional analysis which will support them in meeting regulations like the EUDR. We are already seeing the benefits these partnerships have brought to our customers and believe they are crucial in our global quest to combat deforestation. »

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John Rogers
John Rogers
Founder and CEO

« Orbify’s platform has been so easy to work with, producing scalable and objective data which is of high scientific quality. On top of that their team has been super responsive and super flexible in making sure the product is matching our specific needs. »

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Giulia Burchi
Giulia Burchi
Impact and Project Manager

« Orbify’s platform is the perfect bridge between satellite data analysis & presentation because it serves it up in an easy and engaging way that could be understood by stakeholders with various backgrounds. So I would highly recommend it to both carbon project developers and companies that are trying to invest into those projects. »

At Orbify, our mission is to make space useful for better decisions down on Earth.

In response to the Climate Crisis, which demands large-scale, accurate environmental intelligence, we’ve developed a way to deliver this quickly, cost-effectively, and easily for businesses of all sizes. Orbify develops a SaaS platform that automatically transforms EO data into actionable environmental impact analytics, empowering organizations to make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

Our mission

Join Our Team at Orbify

At Orbify, we are always looking for people with unique skills.

Check our job offers below to apply and become part of our team!

What Do We Offer?

Flexible Working Hours

Start work earlier or later, depending on your preferences and meeting times.

Unlimited Paid Leave

Recharge as needed with our flexible time-off policy, supporting your well-being and peak performance.

Contribution to Environmental Impact

Participate in initiatives that positively impact our planet.

Defined Goals and Development

Grow your competence with clearly defined goals for your position.

Quarterly Team Integrations

Bond with the team through regular gatherings and activities.

Remote Work Options

Work from anywhere or visit our Krakow office.






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